The first ball was struck at 7am and the last putt sunk at 7.05pm, 153 members took part and i would like to thank you all for your support which is amazing and greatly appreciated, i would like to thank the head greenkeeper Joe Loffelmann and his team for setting up the course which once again is in great shape and for agreeing the 7am start to allow as many players to take part.


1st Lee Hamilton/Iain McLennan/Grant Casey 52.4 ( BIH ) £100 EACH, 2nd Michael Lynch/Kenny Patterson/Brian Murray 52.4 £75 Each,3rd Scott Dickson/Joe Douglas/Ian Fairgrieve 53.2 £50 Each,4th Clark Hildersley/Gary Inglis/Steven Corrigan 53.5 £35 each,5th Fraser Martin/Marc McAdam/Scott Fraser 54.2 £20 Each.


1st Claire Hogg/Jo Robertson/Lynn Dalrymple 57.5 £60 Each, 2nd Susan Walker/Jill McLean/Fiona Hume 58.7 £40 Each, 3rd Sue Hay/Mandy Bell/Janet Collin 58.8 £25 Each.

All winners will have their accounts credited with the appropriate amount.