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february, 2020

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Visitors Car Park – Tuesday 14 January

Please note that the visitors car park will be closed for general use on Tuesday 14 January due to the Club hiring its use to an external company for one day.

Although this should not cause any parking inconvenience to members there may be an additional number of comings and goings from the car park throughout the day so please be aware when entering or leaving the Club.

Centenary Diaries

I am now delighted to confirm that the Club have received the Centenary diaries from supplier and these are available from the office for collection. As there is only a limited supply I regret that only those who pre-ordered will be guaranteed a copy on receipt of their payment. Diaries are priced at £6.00 each.

Please note that there were a small number of additional copies printed and these are also for sale, very much on a first come first serve basis.


Foremost Survey

I would like to thank everyone who completed the online Foremost Survey, this feedback is important and made very interesting reading.If you would like to discuss your own answers personally please just pop in for a chat.Those who indicated clubs my need regripped please keep an eye out for the grip offer i shall be doing mid January to the end of February. Thanks again for your continued support and a Happy New Year to you all. Iain.



Happy New Year to all senior members

After careful consideration, and unless there are any objections, I am prepared to continue as senior’s captain for the 2020 season.

I took over, from George, as senior’s captain because no one else expressed an interest in doing so and I did not want to see the section fade into oblivion.

My main disappointment from last year was the level of participation in club senior’s competitions so I want to take this opportunity to remind all members over the age of 55 that you qualify to take part in all senior section competitions. It is possible to play in your usual groups and still enter a card into the competition simply by registering in the pro-shop prior to starting your round. Due to a severe lack of interest last year the monthly stableford roll up will not be programmed for the 2020 season.

The 2020 fixture list has been set by the centenary committee but now is the time to start thinking about what you want to happen in 2021 so if you have any ideas you can e-mail me via the office, talk to me in person or pin a letter to the senior’s notice board.

I will be starting to put notices up on the board in the near future so remember to have a look any time that you are in the club and I hope that we all have a successful 2020 season.

Happy new year



2020 Hole & Hole Entry Sheets

Entry sheets for all hole & hole competitions will be posted on the relevant notice boards on Sunday 5th January 2020.

Please note entry closes on Sunday 15th March 2020.

Car Parking

The Office would like to remind members that reserved car parking spaces are for office bearers use only (including weekends). It has been brought to our attention that on a number of occasions recently cars which are not identified as being owned by the office bearer have been parked in a reserved space. Your co-operation would be much appreciated.

On no occasion should any vehicle be parked on double yellow lines.

Catering from 1 January 2020

With effect from 1 January 2020 the Club will be running the kitchen in-house, staffed by existing chef Colin McArthur, until new catering franchise take up their position towards the end of the month (date yet to be agreed). Catering may be run at a slightly reduced scale in the interim period however should you wish to discuss particular requirements please speak to Colin who will make every effort to accommodate.

Winter Friday Christmas Roll Up

Well done to the ladies who played last Friday and then came in and enjoyed some mince pies and the chat of another 7 ladies who joined them.

Kay won with 16 points, Janice 14 points, Lynn D 13 points, Dorothy and Eleanor 11 points and Moira 10 points.

Thank you to Anne White for organising this.

 I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best on and off the golf course in 2020.

Happy New Year when it comes too



Locker Rooms in the New Year

The Council would like to ask all members who have golf equipment outside their lockers to help the Club tidy up going forward as we prepare for our special Centenary Year in 2020.

It has been noticed that too many items such as clubs, bags, shoes and other equipment are being left lying in the locker room rather than being stored away. Please can you help going forward by ensuring that all equipment is either stored in your locker or taken with you on leaving the Club.

This will be monitored going forward and any items which Council consider have been lying around too long will be removed.