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Temporary Clubhouse Opening Hours Until Further Notice

Sunday to Thursday

Locker rooms – 8.00am to 7.30pm

Bar – 11.00am to 7.00pm


Friday and Saturday

Locker rooms – 8.00am to 10.30pm

Bar – 11.00am to 10.00pm

Please note that bar area of the Clubhouse will remain closed until 9.30am, when staff will be on site. Only locker rooms will be open to members prior to this time with no access to bar area. Kitchen carry-out may be available prior to this time.

Clubhouse will close promptly, 30 minutes after bar closing.


Please note that this is a long document but it is extremely important so it would be appreciated if you could take the time to read guidance in full.

If you are feeling unwell or have any signs or symptoms of coronavirus or have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms, please DO NOT enter the Clubhouse at any time.

Due to the pandemic it has been necessary to make some changes to movement around the clubhouse, as such Angie, our Bar Manager has put together the following notes to give you an insight as to how things will operate for the foreseeable future. Government guidelines will be regularly reviewed and changes made as appropriate. Until then, we would appreciate your patience and co-operation.

Please note that as our Clubhouse is an older building it is not always easy to ensure social distancing so please take this into consideration and ensure respect is given to others at all times.

If you are unsure of procedures at any time please ask staff for help.


Unfortunately due to social distancing measures there are a number of areas within the Clubhouse which are currently not in use. These include the Television room, Dining room, accessible toilet (this facility is blocked off, but will be reopened if someone requires the use of an accessible toilet), Fire Exit door towards course from Function room (unless in an emergency) and Staircase leading to/from locker rooms.

Enter the clubhouse via the main front door entrance.

Please sanitise your hands before entering.


Following Government guidelines, we are required to keep record of everyone who enters the premises.

With this in mind, we have set up Track and Trace system at the clubhouse bar. Everyone should leave a note of their name and provide a contact number.

A pen and sanitiser are available for your use.

Every day you visit the clubhouse you should complete this form for our records.


There is a one way system in operation. Everyone MUST follow this route at all times.

Please be aware that due to the layout of the building, some areas are classed as “bottle neck” and access through these areas may at times prove to be more difficult. You are requested to exercise additional caution at these points.

The main areas that congestion is likely to occur are:

  1. Main entrance door
    When you enter there could be someone using the scores entry computer or there could be someone exiting the building meaning you may cross paths. Please check through the window, then enter and proceed with caution.
  2. Trophy cabinet area

This area is extremely tight and could easily become very congested at peak times.

There are people entering the bar, exiting the bar and going to and from the toilets. The floor area has been blocked off with white lines. Please DO NOT stand in this area.

  1. Entrance into cloakroom

As you enter into the cloakroom this has been split, please remain to the left side of the barrier. This side has been split, 1st line (to the left) is to enter queuing system in order to be served, 2nd line is to go directly to seating area in function hall through door to left of the bar.

We have implemented procedures throughout the clubhouse to try to assist with the flow and your safety. Everyone is kindly requested exercise caution and common sense at all times, but especially around these areas of possible congestion to avoid potential problems.

Please be courteous to other members, visitors and staff at all times in order that everyone can remain safe.

From the main door

Please proceed to the “please wait here” floor sign.

You will see the floor area in front of you is blocked off with white lines.

This area is one of the “hot spot” areas, you are kindly requested not to stand in this area.

Going to the toilet

You are requested to stand on the floor sign “please wait here” until you can see that it is free for you to proceed to the washrooms.

There is a sign to say we are operating a one in one out system in the toilets.

Although preferable, this will be very difficult to monitor. Your co-operation would therefore be much appreciated.

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, we have provided a sanitising station outside the toilets.

Please sanitise your hands before entering the toilets and once again as you leave.

Entering the queuing system for food or drinks

You are requested to stand on the “please wait here” floor sign until you can see that the first footprint floor marking in the cloakroom area is free, if it is please proceed forward onto it.

As members are served, please move onto the next footprint floor sign. Please then follow the arrow towards the next footprint floor sign.

Follow the footprints around the barriers to the next “please wait here” sign.

Please place your food and drinks order from this point.

NB: If you are in a couple or a group, only one person should stand in line to place an order. The other group members should go directly to the seating area in the function hall, (following the fast track entry system).

Going directly to the seating area in the hall – (Fast Track System)
Once you reach the bar area if you are not entering the queuing system and wish to proceed directly to the seating area in the function hall, you can enter via the fast track system.

You are requested to stand on the “please wait here” floor sign until you can see that area in front of you is clear then follow the white line parallel to the barrier system into the bar area please follow this line into the function hall, then select your table.

Service at the Bar

After following the footprint / barrier system, the person who has been queuing should stand at the “Please wait here to be served” sign
Please place your order as normal with the bar staff.

Once your order is ready, the bar staff will place your drinks on a tray (this will already have been sanitised), then invite you forward to pay for your order & take your drinks.

If you have ordered food, your food order will be brought to your table.

1. The bar staff will require to know if you will be sitting inside or outside.(ALL drinks for outdoors must be served in a plastic glass). Your order will have inside /outside noted on till.
2. If you are ordering food, you will be given a table number which should displayed on your table. Your table number will be noted in the till (this number will have previously been sanitised)
3. Wherever possible, please pay by contactless card.

Once you have been served, please go to your selected table & display your food order number (if applicable), a waitress will bring your food to you.

NB: If you are sitting outside, you must follow the one way system and take your drinks outside using the main exit door. (We apologise in advance for this inconvenience).

The fire exit door in the Function hall must not be used unless in the event of an emergency!!!

Use of toilet from indoor seating

If you are seated in the function room & require to use washrooms, please leave the function room following the one way system.

Be conscious of social distancing in the zoned area around trophy cabinet and also the toilets.

Use of toilet from outside seating
If you are making use of outdoor seating & require to use washrooms, you have 2 options,

  1. Use the toilets in the locker rooms (for use of members only)

(Please remember to sanitise before you enter and leave the building).

  1. Use the toilets in the clubhouse, please re-enter the building using the main front door entrance. (Please remember to sanitise before you enter and exit the building).

    Another drink from indoor seating
    If you are seated inside & require another drink from the bar, you must follow the

one way system to exit the function room, to re-join the bar queuing system.

Another drink from outdoor seating
If you are seated outside & require another drink from the bar, you must re-enter the clubhouse using the main door entrance. (Please remember to sanitise your hands before you enter).

Proceed to “please wait here” sign then if clear to do so, please proceed onto the footprint floor signs taking you to the bar queuing system.


There are various sanitisers available throughout the clubhouse. Our staff will ensure these areas are kept clean and tidy and replenished. However, if you notice any area requires attention, please notify a member of staff who will attend to this.

Sanitising at bar

ALL bar staff will sanitise their hands prior to and after every transaction. However, we will not be offended if you did not see us do it and politely request us to do again.

All trays and table numbers will be sanitised prior to service.

Bar area will be regularly sanitised.

Sanitising In function room

Bar and catering staff will sanitise your table as they clear it. However, if you would prefer to sanitise the table area yourself, there will be sanitising stations available in the function room. Please feel free to make use of this facility.

There is a bin available at each station for you to dispose of your used sanitising cloth.

Clearing tables

For everyone’s safety and to help prevent the spread of coronavirus we request you assist us by using the following procedure.

When exiting please return used trays to the collection point in the bar area. A staff member will clean and sanitise the tray ready for use by the next customer.

Please return your empty glasses to the collection point in the bar area.

Plastic wine & prosecco glasses
Please return these glasses to the glass collection point in the bar area.

Plastic pint & 1/2 pint glasses
Please dispose of your plastic pint & half pint glasses in any of the black bins provided.

Please leave used crockery on the tables.

A member of staff will clear this away, then sanitise the table, number holder and perspex sign.

NB: There will be a similar set up provided for the outside seating area.

Locker Rooms Access

The locker rooms will be available for use, giving you access to your personal locker and toilet facilities. Please sanitise your hands as you enter the building.

Please note, the shower facilities are not available for use for the foreseeable future.

In accordance with Government guidelines, to minimise contact with surfaces, both the ladies and gents entry doors to the locker room will be wedged open.

Please ensure that you follow guidance at all times.

Do not leave any valuables or personal belongings lying outside your locker at any time. The club cannot take any responsibility for items left unattended as, all is left at owners own risk.

Toilet facilities within the locker rooms will have sanitising spray, wipes and hand sanitiser available for use on all surfaces as required.

Access to the locker room

You will only have access to the locker room via the entry / exit door on the lower level.

Please note that the staircase between locker rooms and bar area is for staff access only in order to perform necessary bar and catering duties.

These are very difficult times and have forced us to make many changes.

The measures we have put in place are to keep all members, visitors and staff safe. Although we recognise there may be small changes required we have implemented these for your safety so please assist in every way you can.

This new system obviously hasn’t been tried and tested yet, so we do expect some teething problems which will be addressed as and when they arise.

We realise the changes we have had to make to our services will cause you some element of inconvenience and frustration however:

  • Staff will endeavour to serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Thank you in advance for your co-operation, patience and understanding, and
  • Thank you all for Social Distancing and respecting others.




Face Coverings / Professional Shop

As from Friday 10th July and in accordance with government guidance face coverings must be worn when entering the Professional Shop.It is the responsibility of each individual to follow the guidelines.

Seniors section latest

The Adam Cook Trophy seniors strokeplay competition will take place on Thursday 9th July 2020. You must tee off before 14.30 and can play with any other Liberton member. Register with Iain Seath and he will let you know what you need to do to conform with current guidelines.

Provided the government does not alter any of it’s guidance we intend to play the friendly match versus Falkirk Tryst, as arranged, on the 16th July 2020.

The team for that match will be

Dougie Russell                    Dougie Hewat                    Bob Holdstock                   Bert Watson

Jimmy Mitchell                  George Inglis                      John McCallum                  Jim Woodcock

Norrie Patton                    Jim Begbie                          James Rafferty                  Brian Forsyth (C)

I have spoken to you all but if anyone becomes unavailable please let me know as soon as possible. Meet in the clubhouse at 0930 for a 10.00 tee off.

Brian Forsyth



Dear Member,

I hope you are continuing to enjoy your golf since we reopened the course, even though certain restrictions have remained. Hopefully as I write, the Scottish Government will have further relaxed the restrictions and we can get back to playing in four balls which I am sure many of us have missed.


You will have read last week that our Course Manager Brian Toall is leaving us to take up a similar position at Baberton. Brian has been at Liberton for eight years and during that time along with his team has transformed the condition of the course and made it the envy of many other courses in the area. I would like on behalf of all the members to thank Brian for all his hard work and dedication to Liberton and wish him well in his new position. Brian starts at Baberton on the 3rd August and I am sure many members will take the opportunity to speak to him before then.

Council are delighted that Joe Loffelmann decided to take up the offer of becoming our new Course Manager. He has been with us for just over 5 years and was Brian’s deputy for three of those years. He has all the attributes required for the position and we are confident that he will not only continue to maintain the high standard that have been set but indeed improve the course still further. I am sure that everyone at Liberton will wish Joe well in the next stage of his career.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome a new member of the greens staff. Kevin McConnell comes from Bathgate golf club where he started as an apprentice and continued to work there for 14 years. He is looking forward to coming to Liberton and I am sure all members will wish him well. Kevin will join us in the latter stages of July.


As you all know the decision was taken to postpone our Centenary celebrations until next year. Part of the celebration was the Flag raising ceremony accompanied by a reception in the clubhouse. Unfortunately the present health situation made that impossible. We did have a symbolic raising of the Flag on the 19th June which was the date 100 years ago when Liberton was founded. If circumstances permit we intend in late September to officially raise the Flag and have the clubhouse reception originally planned for 19th June. Everything will of course depend on government guidelines.

We also had several events planned to mark the Centenary year. It is our intention next year to hold as many of these events as possible that had been planned for this year. These will include a Centenary stroke competition, a novelty fun event, a Centenary foursomes match. There will also be a Centenary competition with Prestonfield who also celebrated their Centenary this year. Teams of four (two from each club) will play a Texas scramble and it is hoped to have enough players so that a competition can be played at both Liberton and Prestonfield.

At all these events there will be refreshments and food included at no cost to the players. All competitions will be free to enter. A Pro-Am was scheduled for this year but at this stage we are not sure if this will be carried forward.

A Centenary dinner will be held in the clubhouse in October which will round off the celebrations. All these events are open to Ladies, Gents and Junior’s and it is hoped as many members as possible will take part. At the start of next year there will be a Centenary noticeboard set up in the entrance area giving more details of everything that is planned.


Details on the temporary rules for competition are set out below and are also on the website. There will also be copies in the Professional’s shop.



  1. The flag stick should remain in the hole. Do not touch or remove the flag stick.


  1. A ball will be deemed as holed when stationary and any part of it is below the

surface of the putting green.

(if your ball hits the flagstick and / or lips the hole and remains outwith the hole,

     then you have not holed out and you should continue until your ball is

     stationary in the hole)


  1. Bunkers – Preferred lies are in play. You may prefer your lie, 6 inches not nearer

the hole. The area cannot be smoothed before placing.

If any clarification is required then a player should seek this from the Professional.


Unless there is any change to the government guidelines we intend to open the clubhouse on the 15th July. Plans are in place for a safe reopening for members and staff. There will be hand sanitisers in place and markers set out to allow for social distancing. We would ask that everyone adheres to the social distancing measures that have been put in place within the bar and lounge areas.

Opening hours for the bar and clubhouse will be made available next week, along with catering arrangements. As the takeaway catering facility has proved popular, it is Nicola’s intention to continue with that service including when the clubhouse reopens. Please be careful with your rubbish and use any bins provided or if necessary take your rubbish home. The wheelie waste bins are for Club staff to use. The company who supply the uplift of our bins have reinstated our uplift but at this time have a backlog and are unable to say when they will come. Please be considerate when disposing of any rubbish particularly on the course and use the bins provided or take your rubbish home.


As I have mentioned before thanks are due to all the members who have given freely of their time to work around the clubhouse and garden areas. The painting ‘’pixies’’

Lynn Cranston, Helen Fonseca and Sandra Love have been busy painting the waste bins in a very nice shade of Liberton Blue. Thank you Ladies.


The revised fixture list is available on the website. Please note the cancellation of the Gents Silloth on 25th July and the Lady Captains Open Day on the 6th August.

There are still places available for the Gents Open on the 2nd August.

The weather will hopefully remain kind to us so that we can get the curtailed fixture list completed. To those of you looking forward to the competitions I wish you every success. Please stay safe and continue to enjoy being back on the course.

Brian Gorman


Temporary Rules of Golf for Handicap Purposes



1) The flag stick should remain in the hole – do not touch or remove the flag stick.

2) A ball will be deemed as holed when stationary and any part of it is below the surface

of the putting green.

( if your ball hits the flagstick and / or lips the hole and remains outwith the hole, then you

have not holed out and you should continue until your ball is stationary in the hole )

3) Bunkers  – Preferred Lies are in Play. You may prefer your lie 6 inches not nearer the hole.

The area cannot be smoothed before placing.

If clarification on any point is required then please ask Iain Seath our Professional.





THURSDAY 9th July 2020

1:- Play at any time before 14.30 with any LIBERTON member

2:- Play from tee of the day (Blue) tee markers

3:- Entry fee £2.00 to pro. Sweep includes twos

4:- Final scores to be given verbally to Iain Seath please.

5:- This score will count towards your national handicap

Trophy will be presented at Liberton prize-giving

Brian Forsyth
Seniors Captain

New Course Manager

The Council are delighted to announce that the present Deputy Course Manager, Joe Loffelmann, has been appointed to take up the position of Course Manager with effect from 3 August 2020.

Joe added that “I am delighted to be offered the roll, I am excited and looking forward to carrying on the good work that has been done over the years, Liberton is a great Club with fantastic members.”

I am sure everyone at Liberton Golf Club will join me in wishing Joe well in his new position.

Course Manager – Brian Toall

The Council are writing to update members that sadly, with effect from 3 August, our Course Manager Brian Toall has decided to move on and has accepted a new role at Baberton Golf Club.

Brian has been a fantastic servant to the Club since joining us in July 2012. The Council would certainly like to offer their sincere thanks to Brian for his hard work in getting the course to the fantastic standard it is in presently. We know that it has not always been easy but while managing a fantastic team he has always presented himself with great dignity and has been a credit to the Golf Club as well as to himself.

We of course wish Brian every success at Baberton and in his future career.

Brian commented “that I created a real bond with the Club, especially the members and it has been a really difficult decision to make and I didn’t take it lightly. I wish Liberton all the best in the future and I’ll definitely not be a stranger.”

Good luck Brian and I am sure these sentiments are echoed from all at Liberton Golf Club.

Centenary Flag Raising

Centenary Flag Raising

As last Friday, 19 June 2020 was the official Centenary of Liberton Golf Club it had been proposed to hold an official flag raising ceremony to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Regretfully due to the current pandemic we were unable to hold the official raising for members to attend however Council agreed that the date should still be marked. As such the Captain and Lady Captain officiated at the raising of the Centenary Flag to mark this special day.

The flag will remain raised until the 29th June when it will be lowered until an official flag raising ceremony can take place for members to attend in late September or early October, which as I am sure you will appreciate will be dependent on Government advices at that time.