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Championship Week

Because the championship is being held almost two months later than usual, we have had to make some

changes to the timings of the matchplay and bring forward the times of all rounds other than the finals.

This is to allow all the matches to finish in daylight.

Iain has a copy of the times and if anyone needs clarification then they should contact Iain direct.


Newsletter 3 August 2020

Dear Member,

I hope this newsletter finds you all well and enjoying the spell of warmer weather that we have been having. There are some details concerning the clubhouse and golf course that I would like to make you aware of.


There are some changes to the bar opening and closing times that will come in to effect from Sunday 9th August through until Saturday 15th August.

Sunday – The clubhouse will open at 9.30am and close at 8.30pm.

Monday – Saturday – Open at 9.30am and close at 10.30pm.

Bar Hours will be from 11.00am until 30 minutes before the clubhouse closes. The bar staff have been given discretion to close earlier if there is no one in the clubhouse. These hours will be reviewed for the rest of August and members made aware of any changes.


Our championship week is almost upon us. As you all will be aware Brian Toall left Liberton last week to take up his new position at Baberton. We have appointed a new green keeper but owing to his term of contract with Ratho his present employer, he will not be able to join us until September. This means that for quite a few weeks we will have only three green keepers on the course. There is always extra work required during championship week so to aid the greenskeepers with their preparation we have made the following change.

From Monday the 10th August until Friday 15th August the 1st tee will be closed between 11.30am – 12.30pm. This will enable the greens staff to carry out essential work that would not be possible if members were playing the hole. I realise that this will cause some inconvenience to members but championship week is a big week in our golfing calendar.It is important to have the course in as best condition as possible, so I hope members will understand why this action is being taken.


Because of the curtailed competitive season we have had to make some changes to qualification for this years matchplay stages. In previous years the Seniors championship was played separately from the championship week. This year it has been necessary to combine all the matchplay stages in to the same week. That has an effect on those gents who could qualify for both the championship and the Seniors championship.

For this year’s competition those gents who could qualify in both sections will be asked when they check in with Iain Seath, whether they wish to play towards qualification for the championship or the Seniors championship. It will not be possible to qualify for both and Iain will signify on the entry sheet the players preference. The draws will be made on the Sunday evening once all the scores are in. This will be around 7.45pm and all are welcome to attend.

The Seniors matchplay 1st tee time will be 4.45pm on Monday and Tuesday

The change for this year’s qualification is for this year only. Hopefully by next year the health situation will have improved and we can return to a full golfing calendar, which will include our Centenary events.


At this stage we are able to hold the Seniors Texas Scramble on the 15th September. A change in the guidelines from Scottish golf will allow this to go ahead. As these guidelines are changing regularly this will be monitored and any changes will be conveyed as soon as possible.

Congratulations to those ladies who have already qualified for the matchplay stages. I wish every success to the gents in their qualifying rounds. Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us than last year and it would be great to see as many members as possible out supporting those who do manage to qualify for the matchplay.

Brian Gorman



Senior’s update

As all of the Edinburgh clubs that we play friendly matches against have completely abandoned the season the only match remaining on the schedule is the return match at Falkirk Tryst on September 10th.

The senior’s club championship qualifying runs alongside the club championship on Saturday 8th August so if you don’t already have your name down go to the time sheet and look for a space.

I hope that you all stay well and that we can get back to some sort of normality next year.

 Brian Forsyth


Clubhouse Hours during Championship week

Please note that due to the evening competition tee times Clubhouse hours during Championship week (w/b 9 August) will revert to normal Summer hours – 9.30am to 10.30pm Monday to Saturday, 9.30am to 8.30 pm Sunday  (the bar will close 30 minutes prior to clubhouse). These hours will remain in place during the month of August with discretion given to bar staff to close earlier if appropriate.

If you enter the Clubhouse before bar opening please remember to sign the track and trace listing on the bar. This is an extremely important procedure to ensure the continued safety of all members and visitors.

Locker Rooms Closing from 7.00pm Tuesday 28 July 2020

Dear Member,

When the Golf Club re-opened last month the original guidance allowed for Clubs to make their own decision, based on safety measures in place, whether locker rooms should also re-open or remain closed. At that time Liberton Golf Club decided to re-open.

On Friday Scottish Golf issued the attached which includes confirmation that Scottish Government have now clarified the position and all Golf Club locker rooms must remain closed until further notice.

Dear Member Clubs,

There have been a number of enquiries in recent days with regards to locker rooms and confusion as to whether they are permitted to be back in operation and we felt it was appropriate to provide an update to all clubs on this topic.

In anticipation of Scotland entering Phase 3 of its route map out of lockdown, Scottish Golf provided all clubs with a Readiness Guide to support you in preparing for the reopening of Clubhouse Facilities. This Guide, which was subject to change, was issued in advance of announcements by Scottish Government to give all clubs as much time as possible to prepare for several significant changes that would impact on how your clubhouse operates. It was however issued noting that it was subject to final approval once public announcements had been made.

Following the announcement that we would be entering Phase 3, Public Health Scotland and the Scottish Government later confirmed that locker rooms must remain closed at this time.

As and when this guidance is changed, we will inform all clubs. We thank you for your continued understanding at this time and should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

The Scottish Golf Team

Please note that with effect from 7.00pm on Tuesday 28 July 2020 the Club locker rooms and trolley shed will now close based on this Government announcement. Please therefore now ensure that all equipment is removed from lockers and trolley shed by that time.

If you are unable to remove equipment by Tuesday please contact the office to make an appointment when access can be arranged.

The Council will advise as soon as possible when Government guidance is updated to allow the Club to again re-open facilities.

Your understanding and co-operation is much appreciated.

Brian Gorman,



Office Closed Monday 27 July

Please note that due to staff leave the Office will be closed all day on Monday 27 July, open again normal time on Tuesday 28 July.



Dear Member,


By the time you read this the clubhouse will have been open for a couple of days. There have been measures put in place to keep everyone safe and I would ask that you follow these instructions to keep both staff and members safe. While we are lucky to have a large lounge, the social distancing rules of 2 metres means that we cannot have as many tables in use as normal. Some clubs have put a time limit on how long you can sit at your table but at this stage that is not something we are considering. What we do ask is that all members show some consideration to others who may be looking for a table. The bar staff will monitor the numbers in the lounge and it may be the case that you will be asked to wait until a table becomes available. Members should not gather in the entrance area leading to the lounge.

It may be necessary at times to wait outside the front door if it is not possible to stand in the entrance hall safely.

The outside seating area is proving popular and with any luck the weather will allow it to be used regularly. Please note that this area has been designated a no smoking area. This also includes vaping. Because of the ongoing health issues smokers should not congregate around the front door as this poses a health risk to everyone entering the clubhouse.

All the safety measures put in place will be regularly reviewed and if necessary modified. If any member feels that any area could be improved please bring it to the attention of the Secretary or Bar Manager. We will always welcome any constructive comments or suggestions.


In the last newsletter I mentioned that there would be some changes to our green keeping staff with Brian Toall moving to Baberton and Joe Loffelman taking over as Course Manager. Unfortunately Kevin McConnell who had accepted the position of green keeper has now had a change of mind and will not be coming to Liberton.

Every effort will be made to recruit a new green keeper as quickly as possible however this does mean that from the 3rd August we will be down to three green keepers. A couple of members are helping out with some tasks around the course. If any other member feels that they could help in any way during this interim period please contact the Course Manager for further information. (Tel No 0131 664 3009 option 5).

We were given some sad news at the beginning of the week. David Mears who worked at Liberton as a green keeper for 23 years passed away last weekend. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. At this stage funeral arrangements are not known.


As is the case with most golf clubs we have seen a substantial increase in new members. At the time of writing we have 80 new members including 7 juniors.

On behalf of everyone at Liberton I would like to wish you all a very warm welcome and I hope you enjoy your golf at our lovely course. If you see me around please introduce yourself.

To those of you who might be receiving a newsletter for the first time our Centenary celebrations have been put back to 2021 because of the ongoing health situation. Full details will be made available in due course.


This is just a reminder for all members and information for any new members who may not be aware of the following points.

5th Green – When approaching the green with a caddy car or buggy please follow the sign and take the path to the right of the green. This alleviates any wear and tear from the front approach area.

Caddy cars and buggies should always be taken round the outside of all bunkers and kept away from the fringes of the greens. Please also keep caddy cars and buggies off all tees.

12th Tee – Players should wait before hitting their tee shots until the 15th green is clear. Players putting on the 15th have priority.


As hard as we all try to hit the ball straight we all know that is not always possible.

If a ball is hit outside the course boundaries it is important that the matter is reported either to the Secretary or the Professional. The club need to know of any incidents of this happening that may lead to a possible claim against the club.


With the ban on golf clubs hosting open competitions still in place we have cancelled the Seniors Open Greensomes on the 30th July and the Gents Open on the 2nd August. The Seniors Open Texas Scramble has been moved again and will now be played on the 15th September if the ban on opens has been lifted.

Please note that for the Sweeps on the 22nd & 29th July the following arrangements will apply regarding the returning of scorecards.

The clubhouse will close at 7.30pm. Anyone who is unable to enter their score into the computer should put their scorecard in the box at the Professionals shop. Iain Seath will collect these cards and enter them the following day.

Iain has acquired a supply of miniature bunker rakes that fit on the end of a club.

They are available from the shop at a cost of £10.

We are now getting closer to our Championships with the Ladies qualifying this weekend and the Gents in a couple of weeks. Can I wish all of you who will play in these competitions every success and I look forward to seeing all the qualifiers in the matchplay stages.

Brian Gorman,


David Mears

It is with great sadness that I to bring to you the news that David Mears, a well liked greenkeeper at Liberton for 23 years passed away suddenly earlier this month.

David left us in 2019 in order to further his career and our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

The Club flag has been lowered as a mark of respect.


Temporary Clubhouse Opening Hours Until Further Notice

Sunday to Thursday

Locker rooms – 8.00am to 7.30pm

Bar – 11.00am to 7.00pm


Friday and Saturday

Locker rooms – 8.00am to 10.30pm

Bar – 11.00am to 10.00pm

Please note that bar area of the Clubhouse will remain closed until 9.30am, when staff will be on site. Only locker rooms will be open to members prior to this time with no access to bar area. Kitchen carry-out may be available prior to this time.

Clubhouse will close promptly, 30 minutes after bar closing.


Please note that this is a long document but it is extremely important so it would be appreciated if you could take the time to read guidance in full.

If you are feeling unwell or have any signs or symptoms of coronavirus or have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms, please DO NOT enter the Clubhouse at any time.

Due to the pandemic it has been necessary to make some changes to movement around the clubhouse, as such Angie, our Bar Manager has put together the following notes to give you an insight as to how things will operate for the foreseeable future. Government guidelines will be regularly reviewed and changes made as appropriate. Until then, we would appreciate your patience and co-operation.

Please note that as our Clubhouse is an older building it is not always easy to ensure social distancing so please take this into consideration and ensure respect is given to others at all times.

If you are unsure of procedures at any time please ask staff for help.


Unfortunately due to social distancing measures there are a number of areas within the Clubhouse which are currently not in use. These include the Television room, Dining room, accessible toilet (this facility is blocked off, but will be reopened if someone requires the use of an accessible toilet), Fire Exit door towards course from Function room (unless in an emergency) and Staircase leading to/from locker rooms.

Enter the clubhouse via the main front door entrance.

Please sanitise your hands before entering.


Following Government guidelines, we are required to keep record of everyone who enters the premises.

With this in mind, we have set up Track and Trace system at the clubhouse bar. Everyone should leave a note of their name and provide a contact number.

A pen and sanitiser are available for your use.

Every day you visit the clubhouse you should complete this form for our records.


There is a one way system in operation. Everyone MUST follow this route at all times.

Please be aware that due to the layout of the building, some areas are classed as “bottle neck” and access through these areas may at times prove to be more difficult. You are requested to exercise additional caution at these points.

The main areas that congestion is likely to occur are:

  1. Main entrance door
    When you enter there could be someone using the scores entry computer or there could be someone exiting the building meaning you may cross paths. Please check through the window, then enter and proceed with caution.
  2. Trophy cabinet area

This area is extremely tight and could easily become very congested at peak times.

There are people entering the bar, exiting the bar and going to and from the toilets. The floor area has been blocked off with white lines. Please DO NOT stand in this area.

  1. Entrance into cloakroom

As you enter into the cloakroom this has been split, please remain to the left side of the barrier. This side has been split, 1st line (to the left) is to enter queuing system in order to be served, 2nd line is to go directly to seating area in function hall through door to left of the bar.

We have implemented procedures throughout the clubhouse to try to assist with the flow and your safety. Everyone is kindly requested exercise caution and common sense at all times, but especially around these areas of possible congestion to avoid potential problems.

Please be courteous to other members, visitors and staff at all times in order that everyone can remain safe.

From the main door

Please proceed to the “please wait here” floor sign.

You will see the floor area in front of you is blocked off with white lines.

This area is one of the “hot spot” areas, you are kindly requested not to stand in this area.

Going to the toilet

You are requested to stand on the floor sign “please wait here” until you can see that it is free for you to proceed to the washrooms.

There is a sign to say we are operating a one in one out system in the toilets.

Although preferable, this will be very difficult to monitor. Your co-operation would therefore be much appreciated.

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, we have provided a sanitising station outside the toilets.

Please sanitise your hands before entering the toilets and once again as you leave.

Entering the queuing system for food or drinks

You are requested to stand on the “please wait here” floor sign until you can see that the first footprint floor marking in the cloakroom area is free, if it is please proceed forward onto it.

As members are served, please move onto the next footprint floor sign. Please then follow the arrow towards the next footprint floor sign.

Follow the footprints around the barriers to the next “please wait here” sign.

Please place your food and drinks order from this point.

NB: If you are in a couple or a group, only one person should stand in line to place an order. The other group members should go directly to the seating area in the function hall, (following the fast track entry system).

Going directly to the seating area in the hall – (Fast Track System)
Once you reach the bar area if you are not entering the queuing system and wish to proceed directly to the seating area in the function hall, you can enter via the fast track system.

You are requested to stand on the “please wait here” floor sign until you can see that area in front of you is clear then follow the white line parallel to the barrier system into the bar area please follow this line into the function hall, then select your table.

Service at the Bar

After following the footprint / barrier system, the person who has been queuing should stand at the “Please wait here to be served” sign
Please place your order as normal with the bar staff.

Once your order is ready, the bar staff will place your drinks on a tray (this will already have been sanitised), then invite you forward to pay for your order & take your drinks.

If you have ordered food, your food order will be brought to your table.

1. The bar staff will require to know if you will be sitting inside or outside.(ALL drinks for outdoors must be served in a plastic glass). Your order will have inside /outside noted on till.
2. If you are ordering food, you will be given a table number which should displayed on your table. Your table number will be noted in the till (this number will have previously been sanitised)
3. Wherever possible, please pay by contactless card.

Once you have been served, please go to your selected table & display your food order number (if applicable), a waitress will bring your food to you.

NB: If you are sitting outside, you must follow the one way system and take your drinks outside using the main exit door. (We apologise in advance for this inconvenience).

The fire exit door in the Function hall must not be used unless in the event of an emergency!!!

Use of toilet from indoor seating

If you are seated in the function room & require to use washrooms, please leave the function room following the one way system.

Be conscious of social distancing in the zoned area around trophy cabinet and also the toilets.

Use of toilet from outside seating
If you are making use of outdoor seating & require to use washrooms, you have 2 options,

  1. Use the toilets in the locker rooms (for use of members only)

(Please remember to sanitise before you enter and leave the building).

  1. Use the toilets in the clubhouse, please re-enter the building using the main front door entrance. (Please remember to sanitise before you enter and exit the building).

    Another drink from indoor seating
    If you are seated inside & require another drink from the bar, you must follow the

one way system to exit the function room, to re-join the bar queuing system.

Another drink from outdoor seating
If you are seated outside & require another drink from the bar, you must re-enter the clubhouse using the main door entrance. (Please remember to sanitise your hands before you enter).

Proceed to “please wait here” sign then if clear to do so, please proceed onto the footprint floor signs taking you to the bar queuing system.


There are various sanitisers available throughout the clubhouse. Our staff will ensure these areas are kept clean and tidy and replenished. However, if you notice any area requires attention, please notify a member of staff who will attend to this.

Sanitising at bar

ALL bar staff will sanitise their hands prior to and after every transaction. However, we will not be offended if you did not see us do it and politely request us to do again.

All trays and table numbers will be sanitised prior to service.

Bar area will be regularly sanitised.

Sanitising In function room

Bar and catering staff will sanitise your table as they clear it. However, if you would prefer to sanitise the table area yourself, there will be sanitising stations available in the function room. Please feel free to make use of this facility.

There is a bin available at each station for you to dispose of your used sanitising cloth.

Clearing tables

For everyone’s safety and to help prevent the spread of coronavirus we request you assist us by using the following procedure.

When exiting please return used trays to the collection point in the bar area. A staff member will clean and sanitise the tray ready for use by the next customer.

Please return your empty glasses to the collection point in the bar area.

Plastic wine & prosecco glasses
Please return these glasses to the glass collection point in the bar area.

Plastic pint & 1/2 pint glasses
Please dispose of your plastic pint & half pint glasses in any of the black bins provided.

Please leave used crockery on the tables.

A member of staff will clear this away, then sanitise the table, number holder and perspex sign.

NB: There will be a similar set up provided for the outside seating area.

Locker Rooms Access

The locker rooms will be available for use, giving you access to your personal locker and toilet facilities. Please sanitise your hands as you enter the building.

Please note, the shower facilities are not available for use for the foreseeable future.

In accordance with Government guidelines, to minimise contact with surfaces, both the ladies and gents entry doors to the locker room will be wedged open.

Please ensure that you follow guidance at all times.

Do not leave any valuables or personal belongings lying outside your locker at any time. The club cannot take any responsibility for items left unattended as, all is left at owners own risk.

Toilet facilities within the locker rooms will have sanitising spray, wipes and hand sanitiser available for use on all surfaces as required.

Access to the locker room

You will only have access to the locker room via the entry / exit door on the lower level.

Please note that the staircase between locker rooms and bar area is for staff access only in order to perform necessary bar and catering duties.

These are very difficult times and have forced us to make many changes.

The measures we have put in place are to keep all members, visitors and staff safe. Although we recognise there may be small changes required we have implemented these for your safety so please assist in every way you can.

This new system obviously hasn’t been tried and tested yet, so we do expect some teething problems which will be addressed as and when they arise.

We realise the changes we have had to make to our services will cause you some element of inconvenience and frustration however:

  • Staff will endeavour to serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Thank you in advance for your co-operation, patience and understanding, and
  • Thank you all for Social Distancing and respecting others.