The format of the “Family Foursomes” competition has been changed this year in an attempt to open up the event to more members.

Participation in this once popular event has over many years dwindled to only a very few members. One reason may be the low number of family members who are both Liberton GC members.

To address this and to hopefully reinvigorate this competition the format will be a one round, pairs, best-ball stableford competition which members of Liberton GC can play with a close family member who is either a member of Liberton or another club and who hold a national handicap. Handicap allowance for the competition will be ¾ each player.

Should you wish to play for the Anderson Trophy in what we hope will be a very popular event you can enter by way of our website, please go to the competitions page, click on “Enter a Competition”, login to BRS and click the link to the competition. Please note that although you will be entering against a time, a draw will be made and your time will likely change.

Competition entry opens Thursday 21st June at 7pm.

 Last years winners, Brian O’Neil and Lee Hamilton