Dear Member,

As this is a holiday weekend it was thought by Council that this would be the right time to send out a reminder to reiterate the message that due to Government Guidelines the course will remain closed for the foreseeable future, this closure includes all practice facilities. A game of golf cannot be deemed as essential at this time.

The Captain would also remind all members that as criminal charges can be brought against any individual who flouts these conditions there could also be further legal repercussions brought against the Golf Club, should we allow or be seen to allow any golfers on to the course. If any member is seen playing golf while the course is closed it will lead to immediate suspension and may lead to termination of membership.

The course is available to use for a walk during daily hour of exercise if respect is given to the course and social distancing guidance is observed. As members you can help your Club by being eyes and ears, if anyone sees any golfers on the course (as it is suspected there are a few non-members using the course) please can you report this to the police.

Remember the quicker we all work together to fight this pandemic the sooner we win and the earlier sanctions will be lifted and we can all start playing the game we love once again.

Many thanks for your help. Have a Happy Easter and stay safe.