Captain’s Log

Captain’s Log (Star Date: 17,02,325-456)

It has been longer than expected since my last log due to an unexpectedly long mission to another galaxy far, far away (I know, that‘s Star Wars). This mission was fraught with intrigue, trickery, conspiracy and danger from the Romulans and Ferengi but especially the Klingons (who don’t just appear from the starboard bow). My phaser has been re-set to “kill”.

After such a great week of golf during the Championships it was going to be hard to keep the success going through the remainder of the season but between our own competitions and the Open Mixed Foursomes, Junior Open, Gents Invitation Silloth, Lady Captain’s Open, Gents Open, Seniors Open, Professional’s Day and of course the first ever Seniors Championship it was a tremendous year of golf. Many thanks and well done to everyone who helped in the running of all our events and of course congratulations to all the winners.

We the members can not thank enough Scotty and the greens staff who have once again worked hard all year producing and maintaining a course to a consistently very high standard, and, as you can see from the current work on the new bunkers for the 7th, 14th and 18th holes, are continuing to work to improve our course. Well done and many thanks to Brian and his team.

Very recently we welcomed on board David Cree and his Bankhouse Catering team who are providing us all with great fayre, excellent service but most importantly friendly and welcoming service. Hopefully all members will make good use of the catering on offer, not only before or after golfing, but as somewhere relaxed to come for breakfast, lunch or dinner and of course at the various events organised by David and/or the Club.

As to behind the scenes on the bridge much activity, intrigue and disbelief but then what is different. Spock and Uhura were very busy with the Prizegiving and thanks to them and a number of the ladies, it was a tremendous night.

Thanks also to Chekov and Bones and the ladies behind the bar who have looked after us over the year and are no doubt looking forward to the festive season, especially the Children’s Christmas Party!!

The bad news is that the subscription notices are in the post but the good news is that we have increased the subscription fee by only £10. We lost a relatively large number of members at the beginning of this year, however, we have slowly welcomed new members into the main categories which in terms of numbers has for these categories brought us back up to where we were. Unfortunately we are still struggling to encourage Juniors to join the club and if you add that to that the fact that a number of current juniors have turned 18 it is looking to be a difficult year ahead in the junior section. However, we did have three young ladies join the junior ranks so if you see them on the course say hello and make them feel part of the club.

That just leaves me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Captain’s Log

Captain’s Log (Star Date: 17,01,195-589)

To boldly go where no Captain has gone before, well certainly this Captain. Email I understand, online I can cope with, Facebook “just about“, but Twitter, really!

I thought I could use this “log” (it’s not a blog and certainly will not be a vlog) from time to time to give members a little bit more news from around the golf club and by doing so perhaps a little insight into the workings of the club.

I hope to do this in a light hearted and positive way which may mean the use of aliases so as to protect the innocent.

It has been a very busy time for everyone with the season in full swing (no pun intended) especially during last month’s Championship week which went very well and finished in style with a Final’s Day with many first time winners. Congratulations again to all players who qualified for the match-play stages.

Starfleet Command (Council) held their monthly meeting last week.

Although losing 70 Members of the club in all categories ( 40 in Full and Youth) this year steady progress is being made to get new members. To date we have gained 18 new members in Full and Youth and we will again be having our special package offer available later in the year, however, excellent rates are available at present, contact David Doig our Secretary for details.

Someone tried to create a new entrance into the course at the corner of Kingston Avenue and Gilmerton Road recently by blasting their way through the wall, should have used their phaser and not their car. Early reports that it was a lady member late for the Strawberry Tea Competition have been greatly exaggerated.

We have placed an order for the replacement of many of the glazing units within the main lounge after which the view from the main deck should be a lot clearer.

Hopefully you will all now be getting used to our new website which has proved a great benefit in getting news out to members. The news items we post on the website are automatically and immediately sent out by subspace communication on our Facebook and Twitter pages and then every Friday all posts from that week are automatically rolled up and sent out by email.

So together with Spock, Uhura, Bones, Scotty, Chekov, Sulu and the rest of the crew and with phasers set to stun (reserving “kill” setting for the aliens) its warp factor one Mr Sulu.