Secretary’s Office

Please note that the Secretary’s office will be closed on Monday 22 April 2019 due to holiday.

FREE Junior Coaching in Easter Holidays

Just a reminder that Iain is arranging to provide FREE coaching sessions for Juniors within the upcoming Easter Holidays.

There are sheets on Junior Notice Board, please add names as quickly as possible in order that Iain can make arrangements.


Open letter to Liberton Members

A major part of my role as Junior Convenor over the next few years is to ensure that our Junior Section Membership is increased as, at present, it is almost non-existent.

Liberton and it’s members have always been great supporters of Junior Golf in the thirty plus years I have been a member and it is sad to see that we have approximately 10 Junior members (very few playing), with no competitions for them and no representative team to play in either of the Summer or Winter Leagues.

Iain Seath and I have created a document for Junior Development, but this will require not only our time to get off the ground but hopefully the help of some Liberton members.

Anyone interested in helping, even a little help is better than none, please contact the office and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

We are currently looking into different coaching schemes that would suit Liberton best, along the lines of Clubgolf Scotland or Golf Access (our preferred choice), which is popular in England, Ireland and Wales.

These schemes in reality rely on volunteers to give a little of their time to assist with any coaching sessions that Liberton put in place.

We are actively working with local schools, The Braid Hill Driving Range and the local community to try and encourage Junior members back into the Club. Only this week, we have, as a result of advertising at The Braid Hills, the potential of a couple of new members and look to these being the first of many.

If you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild or family member, please think about bringing them along to Liberton.

Memberships for current Member’s siblings start at 8 years old, Non-Member’s children can join from 10 years old.

It is FREE for children between the ages of 8/10 until their 15th birthday.

Liberton should have a vibrant Junior Section, I know the choices children have for recreational time is vast, but your child could be the foundation for the future of Liberton Golf Club.


Robert Ross

(Junior Convenor)


Care for your COURSE.

To help with the continued development of your course the following three practices are always recommended. 1 Please replace divots, 2 Smooth footprints and irregularities in the sand, 3 ALWAYS REPAIR PITCHMARKS. Please take the time to help look after your course.

Clubhouse Painting Work To Be Undertaken

Please note that painting work will be carried out at back access door to the locker rooms and also in the ladies locker room (late afternoons) starting on Monday 11 March 2019. It will continue intermittently until early into the following week.

I would urge you to take additional care when in these areas to ensure that you avoid touching potential wet paint which may mark clothing and/or equipment.

Senior’s News

Senior’s News

For the information of all Senior members of the Club, Brian Forsyth has taken over from George Inglis as Senior’s Section Secretary and would ask that all members attempt to keep abreast of what is happening by checking the Senior’s notice board in the gent’s locker room and the senior’s section on the website which will be regularly updated.

Currently, entry sheets for the senior’s ‘Hole and Hole’ and details of this years friendly matches are on the board, these require to be removed in the near future so if you have not already put your name down please do so as soon as possible. If, for any reason, you are unable to put your name on the sheets and would like to take part please e-mail your details to the Secretary, at and they will be passed on to Brian who will be happy to assist you.