Dear Member,


By the time you read this the clubhouse will have been open for a couple of days. There have been measures put in place to keep everyone safe and I would ask that you follow these instructions to keep both staff and members safe. While we are lucky to have a large lounge, the social distancing rules of 2 metres means that we cannot have as many tables in use as normal. Some clubs have put a time limit on how long you can sit at your table but at this stage that is not something we are considering. What we do ask is that all members show some consideration to others who may be looking for a table. The bar staff will monitor the numbers in the lounge and it may be the case that you will be asked to wait until a table becomes available. Members should not gather in the entrance area leading to the lounge.

It may be necessary at times to wait outside the front door if it is not possible to stand in the entrance hall safely.

The outside seating area is proving popular and with any luck the weather will allow it to be used regularly. Please note that this area has been designated a no smoking area. This also includes vaping. Because of the ongoing health issues smokers should not congregate around the front door as this poses a health risk to everyone entering the clubhouse.

All the safety measures put in place will be regularly reviewed and if necessary modified. If any member feels that any area could be improved please bring it to the attention of the Secretary or Bar Manager. We will always welcome any constructive comments or suggestions.


In the last newsletter I mentioned that there would be some changes to our green keeping staff with Brian Toall moving to Baberton and Joe Loffelman taking over as Course Manager. Unfortunately Kevin McConnell who had accepted the position of green keeper has now had a change of mind and will not be coming to Liberton.

Every effort will be made to recruit a new green keeper as quickly as possible however this does mean that from the 3rd August we will be down to three green keepers. A couple of members are helping out with some tasks around the course. If any other member feels that they could help in any way during this interim period please contact the Course Manager for further information. (Tel No 0131 664 3009 option 5).

We were given some sad news at the beginning of the week. David Mears who worked at Liberton as a green keeper for 23 years passed away last weekend. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. At this stage funeral arrangements are not known.


As is the case with most golf clubs we have seen a substantial increase in new members. At the time of writing we have 80 new members including 7 juniors.

On behalf of everyone at Liberton I would like to wish you all a very warm welcome and I hope you enjoy your golf at our lovely course. If you see me around please introduce yourself.

To those of you who might be receiving a newsletter for the first time our Centenary celebrations have been put back to 2021 because of the ongoing health situation. Full details will be made available in due course.


This is just a reminder for all members and information for any new members who may not be aware of the following points.

5th Green – When approaching the green with a caddy car or buggy please follow the sign and take the path to the right of the green. This alleviates any wear and tear from the front approach area.

Caddy cars and buggies should always be taken round the outside of all bunkers and kept away from the fringes of the greens. Please also keep caddy cars and buggies off all tees.

12th Tee – Players should wait before hitting their tee shots until the 15th green is clear. Players putting on the 15th have priority.


As hard as we all try to hit the ball straight we all know that is not always possible.

If a ball is hit outside the course boundaries it is important that the matter is reported either to the Secretary or the Professional. The club need to know of any incidents of this happening that may lead to a possible claim against the club.


With the ban on golf clubs hosting open competitions still in place we have cancelled the Seniors Open Greensomes on the 30th July and the Gents Open on the 2nd August. The Seniors Open Texas Scramble has been moved again and will now be played on the 15th September if the ban on opens has been lifted.

Please note that for the Sweeps on the 22nd & 29th July the following arrangements will apply regarding the returning of scorecards.

The clubhouse will close at 7.30pm. Anyone who is unable to enter their score into the computer should put their scorecard in the box at the Professionals shop. Iain Seath will collect these cards and enter them the following day.

Iain has acquired a supply of miniature bunker rakes that fit on the end of a club.

They are available from the shop at a cost of £10.

We are now getting closer to our Championships with the Ladies qualifying this weekend and the Gents in a couple of weeks. Can I wish all of you who will play in these competitions every success and I look forward to seeing all the qualifiers in the matchplay stages.

Brian Gorman,