The golf course has been open for nearly 2 weeks and I am sure you will agree that the course itself and the areas around the clubhouse have looked tidy, well kept and welcoming. This is in no small part due to the greens staff, Iain Seath and George the gardener.

There have also been a small pool of enthusiastic members who have turned out to do a few hours here and there to spruce things up. Thanks are due to Anne Elder, Maureen Graham, Moira Kinnear, Mary Wilson, Jean Meachem, Mary Henderson, Sandra Love, Bill Carlyon, Hugh Roarty, Jas Robertson, Eric Miller and Gordon Finney. Between them they have either donated funds and / or have cleaned, pruned, weeded, brushed, painted, filled & fixed and manicured many areas of the course and garden borders and equipment.

Thank you all for giving your time and efforts to Liberton.

Nicola will be starting her take away food menu this Saturday. Please follow the instructions on the notices, order in advance if possible, do not queue close to each other. Please do not congregate in the car park to consume food as it could lead to congestion in that area. Please put any rubbish in the bins provided.

Nicola can be contacted on 0131 664 3009 ex4 or 07958 189863.

Initially this will be a weekend service.

Unfortunately on the course there have been empty cans, bottles and general litter left lying about. This is not acceptable as it is putting Greenkeeping staff at risk who are having to clean up. PLEASE TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME WITH YOU.

Members will be aware that we have postponed the Celebration of our Centenary until 2021. The official date of our Centenary is the 19th June.

It had been the intention that along with the flag raising we would have an evening in the clubhouse, open to all members to come along for a drink and light buffet. Obviously with the present restrictions that will not be possible.

On Friday the 19th June this year we will have a symbolic raising of the flag to commemorate the occasion. It will remain there for a couple of days and then be taken down. Given that the lockdown measures continue to ease, we are planning to hold a proper ceremony later in the year when hopefully we will be able to host a reception in the clubhouse along the lines originally planned.

A word now about competitions. Depending on the further easing of restrictions and guidance from Scottish golf on the 18th June, we intend to resume competitions at the beginning of July. This can only happen if we are allowed to play in three or four balls.

A provisional fixture list has been prepared and will be made available online as soon as it is possible to do so.

As everyone is aware at the moment tee times are at a premium. There have been a couple of occasions when a member has booked a time and then not turned up to play, thereby possibly depriving someone the chance of a game. Can I remind everyone that if you find that you cannot make your tee time, then the booking should be taken off the BRS system by the member, or failing that informing the professional in order that the booking can be altered. Please remember that when booking a time that all names should be entered in the booking. The line on the booking system ‘’ reserved by ‘’ should only be used by a member wanting to play on their own. Thank you for your co-operation.

Tee time bookings:

Due to the increase in demand for tee times throughout the UK and after consultation with the BRS golf company Liberton are, with immediate effect, changing our booking reservation time from 7pm to 7.20pm this should help with the accessibility and performance of the site.

Brian Gorman