Just a quick reminder to ensure that everyone is aware that annual subscriptions are due to be paid no later than 31 January.

If subscriptions are paid by Direct Debit the first deductions will be made on Friday 7 February. If you pay by Direct Debit and have changed bank details recently but have yet to inform the office please do so no later than Wednesday 29 January.

Questionnaire Form / Trolley Pegs

As the office have had a number of enquiries as to when the trolley peg coloured tag will be renewed this year please bear with us. A you can appreciate from distribution of questionnaire with this years annual subscription letters we are in the process of reconciling and updating member records to ensure correct details are held for all members. As such within that task we are also ensuring we have correct trolley peg numbers registered to correct member. Once reconciliation has been fully completed I will issue an email to confirm that we are then in a position to change to new coloured tags for 2020.